Programs for

Self-Care Warriors™


Nourish Your Aliveness

Have you been missing the moments of your life because for too many years you’ve been watching your weight? 

Have you lost and gained countless pounds and now long to regain what’s been lost in your life? 



Nourishing Aliveness® mindfulness-based no-diet programs were designed to help you:

  • recover from dieting & emotional eating

  • repair body despair

  • restore self & body trust

  • retain and enhance health & well-being

  •  rediscover what matters most to you


Do you need some self-care support?

If you were free from obsessive food and weight thoughts, and if you actually felt comfortable in your body, what would you be doing with the precious moments of your life? 


Nourishing Aliveness® Supports & Programs

1-1 Mindful Self-Care Collaboration

Tune into your needs and wants with curiosity and kindness. Discern what is true about diets, weight, health, your self.

Set self-care intentions and take realistic action steps to:

  • lessen emotional eating and be done with dieting

  • be as emotionally and physically resilient and healthy as you can be

  • trust and appreciate your self and body and keep them safe from inner and outer harm

  • eat, move, play, and live with attunement, ease, and joy


Join us for a taste of mindfulness at this introductory workshop to begin to:

  • Tune into your needs and wants, and discern what is true for you with mindfulness practices and discussion about women’s issues, body image concerns, and emotional eating struggles

  • Move away from dieting and decrease emotional eating

NOurishing Aliveness® Foundation Group

Join a circle of Good Women to help you accept and care for yourself and your body.

  • Mindfulness meditation practices (including gentle movement)

  • Discussions about emotional eating, dieting dilemmas, body image struggles, women’s issues, health concerns, and what matters most

  • Values-based self-care intentions and action steps

NOurishing Aliveness® Graduate Group

Continue your self-care work with Foundation Group graduates.

  • Mindfulness meditation practices (including gentle movement)

  • Values-based self-care intentions and action steps